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Quality plants since 1986

Nursery J. van Rulo v.o.f. is a nursery located in Oirschot, nearby Eindhoven. The company has been founded by Jan and Riky van Rulo in 1986. On our nursery we mainly grow (solitary) conifers and (solitairy) shrubs.

Wide range of conifers

We can offer you a wide range of (solitairy) conifers. Plants are being transplanted frequently and are pruned every year with a machine. Therefore we can offer an uniform product in an excellent quality.

High quality shrubs

Our shrubs are grown at a proper growing space from each other to gain heavy bushy shrubs. Like the conifers the shrubs are also pruned when possible with a machine for an uniform product.

Large assortment solitary

Pruning and transplanting frequently results in very nice solitary plants with a very good rootball. Several solitary plants produces flowers which are real eye-catchers.

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"Delivery service"

Our intention is to supply plants in a high quality. On request we offer the possibility to deliver the plants with our own truck. Therefore we can guarantee delivery on time.


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Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 January 2024 from 8:00 - 17:00h Location: Hagelaarweg 25, 5684 NW Best, The Netherlands


From 04/10 until 06/10/2023 about 225 participants will welcome you during the 33th International tree nursery trade fair GrootGroenPlus in Zundert.

GroenBeurs Brabant

Upcoming edition: 18 en 19 January 2023. 8:00 - 17:00 Hagelaarweg 25, 5684 NW Best