The nursery

Large assortment in conifers and shrubs

The nursery

Nursery J. van Rulo is a nursery located in Oirschot, North Brabant in the triangle Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch. Our nursery covers 10 hectares of sandy loam soil, which is always sown partly with green manure crop. Here we grow a wide assortment of conifers and shrubs in uniform batches. A selection of our conifers and shrubs we grow into a solitary quality. All plants are frequently transplanted at a proper growing space and pruned (machine), so we get uniform batches with good root balls. A large part of our assortment is grown to about 250 cm.

The main assortments consists of:

  • Amelanchier
  • Cercis
  • Chamaecyparis
  • Cornus
  • Hamamelis
  • Prunus
  • Pinus
  • Syringa
  • Taxus
  • Thuja
  • Tsuga
  • Viburnum

Rootball plants

Nursery J. van Rulo is specialized in growing rootball plants in high quality. It all starts with a healthy soil. After every cultivation we use cow manure and sow a green manure crop. This leads to a healthy natural balance of the soil.

Container plants

On request we can deliver plants fresh potted. 

Transplanting results in good rootballs

Mostly plants in the size 80-100 and 100-125 are being transplanted for maximum three years. All these plants are planted in holes of 30 or 40 cm wide which are drilled. This result in a very good compact rootball. Larger plants are being transplanted in holes of 60 or 80 cm wide.

Pruning with a machine results is a uniform product.

All our hedging plants are being pruned every year by machine. This results in a uniform product. Plants are pruned in the shape of a cilinder which results in an instant hedge.